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Head sculptures | Top #3 of the week

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Head Sculptures | For this week’s Top #3 we’ve selected artists who sculpt wood, and have addressed the theme of heads – seen as unique and completely isolated from the rest of the body.

As with every Tuesday, we have selected three works of art by three different artists – all active on Instagram – with a common thread: Richard Stipl, Daniele Fortuna and Andreas Senoner all use the same material and the same subject, but they each investigate the psyche and the body in different ways, thereby creating unique results – both conceptually and aesthetically.



Richard Stipl often focuses on the face, its expressions and anatomical details. In this piece the artists digs into the wood and the face depicted, cancelling most of the realistic details to make space for a snowy landscape that imposes itself on the scene as a peculiar emotional and psychological metaphor of the subject portrayed.



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Un post condiviso da Richard Stipl (@richardstipl)



The Venus Colormination by Daniele Fortuna combines the candour of classical statues with an interior of pop vision – very colourful and unexpected. A cut on the side of the head reveals the multicoloured depth of Venus, as if to recall the great variety of colours that originally animated the statues of the classical era. At first glance it might look like a 3D print sculpture, but it is the opposite of what it looks like. The artist works entirely by hand, cutting, assembling and colouring – depending on the concept behind the idea – every single part of his wooden sculptures.



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Un post condiviso da DANIELE FORTUNA ART (@fortunadaniele)



We have previously written about the sculptures by Andreas Senoner, of his poetic approach to recounting the body through wood, and his attention in investigating the human being’s state of mind through matter. His latest art work, Absence, is a portrait of absence amplified by the motionless dismay of waiting, reflected in the Vitreous look of the man portrayed.



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Un post condiviso da Andreas Senoner (@andreassenoner)

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Translated by Ludovica Sarti

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