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Zìrartmag is a blog about contemporary art in constant search of new artists and new trends from all over the world. Created in 2019 by Marika Jessica Farina and Fabio Ezio Solinas, this fluctuating and changeable magazine, based in Bologna, portrays a 360 degree view of the art world: through interviews, thematic articles, curious facts, videos and more.

Strip of paper, of cloth, of newspaper: ZirArtmag encourages and supports artists, publishing housesexhibition spaces and independent creative realities, providing a neutral virtual space where stories and experiences meet to reach a heterogeneous audience.

Zìrartmag came to life in march 2019, aware that it’s just another pebble on the shore, “just” another space that talks about art. The name of the blog comes from “zìra”, a Sardinian word that, amongst other options, can be translated as “strip” – a word which has remained, dormant, in our unconscious. We’re not sure whether this is the most accurate and most accepted translation, what matters is that we wanted our blog name to include the prefix “Zìr”, in memory of its sparkling sound, so as to have a melodic yet scratching tone at the same time.