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Food | 5 Christmas gift ideas combining food and art

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Maybe it’s a little too soon, but stores have already started putting up their Christmas decorations – reminding us that yes, Christmas is right around the corner.


The “Christmas Gifts” topic is always a bit prickly, underwear and cute little shampoos are (sadly) very common ideas, that is why we at ZìrArtmag have decided to help you out.

We know the online world now offers thousands of ideas to choose from, which might put you off after a while. So, we’ve decided to give you a head start: here are 5 of the best creative gift ideas, suitable for anyone and everyone.

The ideas we’ve listed today are for gourmet lovers, for those who love both art and food.

1 | Le Corbuffett: Edible Art and Design Classics

le corbuffet curiosità

We’ve already written about this a couple of months ago, but it’s such a wonderful book we thought we’d share it once again.

Le Corbuffet is a conceptual cookbook imagined and created by Esther Choi, a photographer and writer based in New York.

The book includes recipes of every kind – breakfast to dinner – in which the protagonists are great contemporary artists. Names like Frida Kahlo, Robert Rauschenberg, Keith Haring are transformed to Frida Kale-o Salad, Robert Rauschenburger and Quiche Haring. Each recipes is introduced by a s brief presentation of the artist and their connection to the recipe.

As part of a larger project, Le Corbuffet is more than a recipe cookbook, it’s one of a kind. It’s a book where food and art meet in perfect harmony, it has beautiful photographs accompanying the recipes which make the food seem like sculpture.

Find more information about this cookbook by reading the article published on ZirArtmag

Buy it here Le Corbuffet: Edible Art and Design Classics

2 | An illustrated book of Italian Wine

idee regalo

Yes, another book. This time for wine lovers!

The Illustrated book of Italian Wine is a book by Eleonora Guerini (Director of the Italian Wine’s Gambero Rosso guide, as well as one of the major experts on Italian wine) and is illustrated by Fernando Cobelo, Beppe Conti and Rebecca Valente.

The book transports the reader through an oenological tour of the 100 essential bottles. It cites red, white, rosé and orange wines that Guerini divides into 10 categories entitled: “new equilibriums”, “falling in love”, everyday wines “School Night Wines”, a selection of Chianti Classico, “salt wines”, “they will be famous”, “children of cooperation”, “Pussy Power”, “the everlasting ones”, and “the wines that never fail”.

An adventure, from the North to the South of the Italian peninsula, with wonderful illustrations by the three artists who guide the reader along the path that has made Italian wine unique.

Above all, what this selection narrates is real life stories, shared moments, of men and women encountered along a 25 year long journey that has never ceased to intrigue me, enthuse me and surprise me.” – Eleonora Guerini

Click here to read the book’s description on the publishing houses’ website.

Buy it in bookstores, or online: Il grande libro illustrato del vino italiano. 100 etichette per brindare tutto l’anno

3 | Bisc_Otto

idee regalo

For those who prefer a delightful artisanal product, rather than a book, here is Bisc_Otto from Matera.

Bisc_Otto is a sort of fortune cookie from Basilicata, a modern revisitation of the traditional one of Bernalda.

The almond flour base is given an “almond peel” shape and covered with a light layer of 80% extra dark chocolate. It is then vacuum packed and small notes with quotes, romantic phrases, dialect translations or sarcastic phrases are inserted.

A well crafted product, unique and original, perfect if you want to surprise someone for Christmas. Also, each part can be personalised: the message, the hashtag within or the monogram on the tin.

Important information: only a few days, maximum a week, will go by between the baking and the arrival to the destination of your choosing, and they have a 3 month shelf-life.

For more information visit the official website.

4 | The Illy coffee cup Art Collection

idee regalo

Not everyone knows that the first Illy Art Collection dates back to 1992, thanks to Francesco Illy who had the idea to ask a group of artists to decorate the unmistakable coffee cup (designed by Matteo Thun).

This is how the Illy family began the tradition. Over 100 artists, over the past 27 years, have been asked to reinterpret and transform this iconic coffee cup into a limited edition work of art. So, if coffee is vital to you way of life, we can’t not mention these delightful and exclusive coffee cup collections, perfect for art lovers as well as coffee lovers. Amongst the artists called to take part in the project are names such as Marina Abramovic, Jannis Kounellis, Yoko Ono, and Michelangelo Pistoletto. The last collection was curated by Olimpia Zagnoli, who also created a design specifically for the Barcolana di Trieste, 2019.

On their website you’ll find different styles and shapes, from small espresso cups to cappuccino mugs, and you’ll be able to choose between various collections made by different artists. So, what are you waiting for?

For more information visit the official Illy coffee website.

5 | Objects from Dudecor

idee regalo

If the first 4 options weren’t the right fit, check out Dudecor. The company was created in 2008 as an artisanal lab, and in 2011 it had already established itself a one of the largest online distributors – but all products continue to be made entirely by hand.

What can you find on the website, you might ask? Well, everything!

Prints, wall stickers, kitchen or lifestyle products all ready to buy and deliver right to your door. You can also find products you can personalise with phrases or names. In short, it’s impossible not to find something to give as a Christmas present, or any other occasion for that matter!

Visit the Dudecor website for more information.

Translated by Ludovica Sarti

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