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Last minute Gifts | 5 gift ideas for an art themed Christmas

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We’re here: tomorrow is Christmas Eve! You haven’t bought all your gifts yet? Don’t worry, our editors at Zìrartmag are here to help.

Knowing there is little time left, we’ve decided to select 5 of the best gift ideas, which won’t seem as last minute buys and which are perfect for anyone who loves art or is creative.

1 | Ebook

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Ebooks are a great gift ideas, especially the ones that are truly useful. That’s why we suggest to check out the list of ebooks at Zandegù.

Their ebooks are relatively cheap and perfect instruments to study with – they have a selection of manuals for anyone wishing to better themselves or learn new things. Created with the help of professionals from each sector, you’ll find ebooks for every taste: find your own style of writing, learn to use Instagram in a professional way, learn to strategize or use SEO more appropriately, learn content and influencer marketing and much more.

If you’re looking for a gift for a creative, artsy person, these ebooks are the perfect idea.

Buy them online at Zandegù

2 | Creative online courses and workshops

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Zandegù is a studio, based in Turin, it both publishes ebooks and offers in class workshops or online courses.

The workshops are held in the evenings or on the weekends by professionals of specific sectors. Zandegù has also started a collaboration with Comò Lab, a creative studio based in Reggio Emilia, giving you the possibility to follow the same workshops in this city.

If neither of theses two cities is close to you, check out their online courses. Illustration, communication, creative writing and loads more!

A perfect last minute gift idea which is unusual and original.

Zandegù | Comò lab

3 | Subscriptions to Art Magazines

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Mostly overlooked, a subscription to an art magazine can actually be a great last minute gift idea.

Though many of us might say “oh i’d love to sign up”, it rarely happens as we might already have other subscriptions or perhaps because we like to buy different magazines from week to week. Notwithstanding, an art magazine subscription as a present is always a lovely idea. And it’s simple and easy! Just find the website of the magazine and it’s done.

If none come to mind, here are some ideas:

Flash Art | Segno | Juliet Art Magazine | Arte | Arte e dossier | Artribune | Exibart 

4 | Mystery Box

We’ve already mentioned them in creative gift ideas , and since they’re great (and you might have missed the article) we’ll mention them again. Mystery Box subscriptions, like Hoppípolla, Re-Belle Box and Art Bag can be a great idea as a last minute present.

They’re wonderful because yes, you have gifted a subscription, but the receiver will get so much more! Every month they will receive a box with delightful and unexpected surprises inside.

Hoppípolla | Re-Belle Box | Art Bag

5 | Membership cards

If you prefer something more adventurous, we suggest to check your cities’ cultural membership cards. In Bologna we have the Culture Card Membership which offers discounts to exhibitions amongst other perks.

The membership is annual and can include: cinemas, theaters, museums, concerts and festivals. Since what it offers it’s so varied it can be great for anyone.

Take a look at your own city and see what memberships it has to offer, they could be to museums or cultural centers, and they could be valid for a whole year!

For more information visit the website.

Translated by Ludovica Sarti

Check out our gift idea section, we usually publish the articles close to Christmas time, but really, they can come in handy all year round.

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