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A dress becomes a sculpture | Top #3 of the week

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As punctual as a Swiss watch, here is our weekly Top #3! Today we have chosen sculpture dresses as our topic, how fashion is (very often) inspired by art, taking on unusual and monumental forms. We could give many examples of this going back in time, but, as you know by now, every week our editorial staff picks three works of art based on a specific theme or characteristic that unites them.

For this week’s Top #3  we’ve chosen to stick to the contemporary by including a very young designer and two famous international fashions houses.

Discover our list and stay updated on new art trends as well as meet artists from all over the world!



The spring/summer collection of Moschino is called Modern Muses and is inspired by Picasso. Presented last September during Milan’s Fashion Week, this series of marvellous sculpture-dresses has various elements inspired from Picasso’s universe, both in form and in colour: the matador, the Spanish tiles, the Mediterranean, the asymmetry and the love of his muses are just a few of the elements which characterise this exquisite collection, signed by Jeremy Scott.


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Harikrishnan is an emerging designer of Indian origins who is currently working in London. For his graduation show at the London College of Fashion this 26 year old student created some inflatable latex trousers, received numerous acclaim from critics and ended up on Vogue. The playful trousers of Harikrishnan are characterised by vivacious colours and their voluminosity, and are quite comfortable to wear as well as to inflate. These bizarre items of clothing were inspired by his dog: yes, his dog! The artist imagined these trousers as seen from the perspective of his dog, Kai, and starting playing with the idea of distortion and volume exaggeration until he reached this explosive finale.


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Iris Van Herpen – a student of Alexander McQueen, famous worldwide for creations which intertwine more traditional materials and tailoring techniques with new (and unusual) expetimental applications, for example the use of a 3D printer – is insipired by the works of artist Anthony Howe and his kinetic sculptures.

Hypnosis – which is the title of this collection – is made up of 19 multilayer dresses that play with transparency thanks to movements and material. The concept is that of harmony of the elements, of the symbiosis that we find in nature daily: as the Dutch designer states, «The ‘Hypnosis’ collection is a hypnotic visualisation of nature’s tapestry, the symbiotic cycles of our biosphere that interweave the air, land, and oceans. It also reflects the ongoing dissection of the rhythms of life and resonates with the fragility within these interwoven worlds».

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Translated by Ludovica Sarti

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