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Photojournalism | Top #3 of the week

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In light of the period we’ve left behind – and thanks to the work of three photojournalists who managed to sneak into the homes of other people during (and after) the lockdown – for this week’s Top #3 we’ve selected photojournalism as the topic. Three projects (made during and after lockdown) portray the new normal, the new way of life.

In the photographs taken by Mattia Crocetti, who has created a series of double-authored portraits, the subject photographs himself/herself during a video call, following the instructions of the photographer. Michele Lapini‘s photographs were taken during Phase 2 and portray the difficult situation of music and entertainment workers in Bologna, who have been confined to their homes without any work prospects or guarantees. Similarly, Viviana Corvaia (photographer based in Turin) documented life in her apartment building, inhabited mainly by university students who decided to remain in the city, instead of going back home, during the lockdown.



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Translated by Ludovica Sarti

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