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Wearable Art | Interesting gift ideas for art lovers

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Are you looking for a gift for your friend passionate about art but have no idea what to buy? This article is for you! Here are 5 gift ideas you can buy online.

This week, we’ve decided to talk about wearable art, from scarfs to socks: let’s discover hand decorated objects, personalised surfaces with famous works and much more.

Let’s not waste any more time! Here is what we’ve selected:

1 | Bow Tie

arte da indossare

Let’s start with something Made in Italy. Created by a young enterprise based in Enna, Sicily | 2 Paisani produces bow ties in briar, olive, mahogany, lime and recycled wood. Their production is based on an attention to detail and quality (rather than quantity). Every single bow tie is made entirely by hand and is 100% Made in Sicily.

The brand was born from the confluence of two craftsmen: Luca and Paolo, the former works on the processing and carving of wood and the latter on graphics, giving form and colour to the products. The two artists find their inspiration in the colours and perfumes of Sicily, giving new life to the materials they use in the hopes of passing on the emotions the island has to offer.

Buy it online I 2 Paisani

2 | Scarves


As a second idea here are some scarves by the brand Prettystern, which dedicates a whole line of silk scarves to one of the great artists of the Viennese Secession: Gustav Klimt. Amongst other works, you can find scarves with The Tree of Life, The Kiss, The Virgin and The Park.

The company also produces printed scarves with other famous works of art.

This silk scarf is a great gift idea for anyone who loves art, but also for anyone who appreciates something of quality. It’s great as a birthday present, a mother’s day gift or a Christmas present.

Buy on  Amazon

3 | Bags

arte da indossare

Another great gift idea, also Made in Italy, is this backpack designed by the Italian architect Diletta Bettini. The project is named Diletta Bags, it’s a backpack in pure Italian leather, with a minimal design – a black background with some golden details and a famous art work printed on the top half of the bag.

Thanks to its minimalist design this backpack becomes the perfect frame for the art works, and can expresses the personality of those wearing it.

If you want to find out more about the project, read the article here.

Buy it online on the official Diletta Bags website.

4 | Shoes

arte da indossare

We couldn’t not put shoes into our list of interesting gift ideas. And what better brand than Vans! The well known brand has created shoes with Mondrian‘s work printed on them.

As well as the well known Vans model, there are other limited editions on other models, for example the iconic Converse personalised with a Dalì theme.

Buy them online click here

5 | Socks

calzini artistici

Another charming gift idea of wearable art are socks. Simple but original, you can find them in different types: printed with famous works of art or decorated with particular designs. They may be a little extravagant but also quite fun to wear. These socks are perfect for anyone who loves wearing something original.

The next time you go to a museum wearing these socks, they’ll definitely be noticed. Get ready to shock all your friends! Here are some online shops for you to check out.

To buy them online visit: DandaloIthepacq | Happy Socks | Bonne Maison.

Click here to find more interesting gift ideas all year round.

Translated by Ludovica Sarti

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