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Gadget | 5 gift ideas mixing art, design and technology

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There’s only a month left till Christmas and our section dedicated to interesting and creative gifts continues. We’ve talked about games, furniture and books (if you missed reading some articles you can find them in the dedicated section, click here). Our Tuesday article, usually dedicated to the Top #3, is now a guide to creative and interesting gift ideas in constant expansion.

Today’s topic is gadgets. Here are 5 gift ideas in which art, design and technology meet: a small selection of products, from lamps and other house objects, to designer products and new digital accessories, all purchasable online.

1 | Cardboard 



Virtual tours continue to multiply, due to the lockdowns and restrictions imposed in the past months, with more experimentation on how to see exhibits during this period through new and sophisticated methods of viewing. Museums are studying new programs with which to involve the public, that are interactive but maintain social distancing.

Cardboard allows users to take a virtual tour of exhibits and museums thanks to smartphones and a small cardboard structure you can assemble in a few easy steps. There are different versions of it, varying in colour and style, produced by multiple manufacturers. Cardboard groups them all together and allows you to compare size, smartphone compatibility, prices and more.

A basic model, by Google, costs around € 13,35; an affordable gift perfect for those who want to experiment with new ways to visit galleries and museum virtually.

N.B.: not all virtual tours are available on Google Cardboard. Remember to always check official websites for more information.

Find all the models here

2 | BillionDollar ArtGallery 


BillionDollar ArtGallery is a gadget thought for the home, an ideal gift for lovers of great artworks. It’s a small device, containing more than 500 works of art, that you connect to a TV through a USB port. Why have a black screen when you could be seeing different works of art every day?

It costs $ 34,99, and for most of the work you’ll be able to also consult a database consisting of name of the author, date of the work and where it is currently.

Visit the official BillionDollar ArtGallery website

3 | Bookmark&Lamp


With this exceptional lamp, by Relax Days, you’ll never forget the last page you were reading.

Handmade, the lamp is in the shape of a small house, and it’s wooden roof is waiting for you to place a book, so you don’t lose track. It’s a unique, and functional, furnishing perfect for bookworms.

Buy it online on the official Relax Days website

4 | Stay-Hop



On Hop! you can find picture books for adults and children. This publishing house, created in 2012, is specialised in comics and graphic novels, and has an ongoing collaboration with numerous women illustrators. On their shop you can also find designer gadgets, where the common characteristic is irony: placemats, t-shirts, prints, tote-bags and much more! These are perfect gifts for fans of comic books and graphic novels.

Particpants of this enterprise are Marianna Balducci, Virginia Mori and Giulia Rosa, find out who else is collaborating by visiting the official Stay-Hop website.

Click here to visit the online shop

5 | Moleskine Smart



A hybrid version of evergreen: Moleskine Smart combines the practicality of traditional notebooks with technology, the perfect device for artists and creatives who don’t want to give up drawing with pencils and paper, but who also need to share and adjust their projects in digital version.

As state on the official Moleskine website “The natural combination of analogue elements with technological elements favours creativity by allowing you to collect, develop and share your ideas. Notebooks interact with digital apps, Paper Tablets with smart pens, digital diaries that keep you connected to the world around you.”

Moleskine Smart is more than a simple diary!

Buy it online here

Translated by Ludovica Sarti

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