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The Simpsons | Top #3 of the week

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This week’s Top #3 is dedicated to the most beloved characters in the city of Springfield. We have selected artists, active on Instagram , who have been inspired by the famous American cartoon show The Simpson and a project which puts together great works of art with the characters created by Matt Groening.

Homer, Marge, Bart, and Lisa are the main characters of the show, but in the list we’ve selected there are also Milhouse, Ned Flanders, Patty and Selma, and Montgomery Burns. So let’s start with the first artist of this week’s Top #3:


What would the inhabitants of Springfield look like in real life? Hossein Diba – an artist specialised in the creation of 3D characters for video-games, movies, and collections – has created a series entirely dedicated to the Simpsons giving them a more “human” form. Away with the colour yellow, paying much attention to detail to minutely describe the beloved characters of the show. Along with the Simpson family, the artist has created models of the maleficent Montgomery Burns, of the barista Moe and of Telespalla Bob.


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Un post condiviso da Hossein Diba (@hossein.diba)


Joan Lalucat Vehil is a young Spanish artist who makes his research constant experimentation, investigating, and using various mediums like painting and photography. Recently he has created a rather creepy series inspired by the characters in The Simpsons, in which Homer, Bart, and Lisa are well recognisable but at the same time completely different in physiognomical aspects.


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Un post condiviso da Joan Lalucat (@joanlalucat)


The greatest works of art of all time meet the Simpsons: Homer fluctuates in space and tries to eat a mobile by Alexander Calder, Bart peeps out from a Mondrian, Patty and Selma take Frida Kahlo’s place in her double self-portrait. There are countless memes created by the artists of the Fine Art Simpsons project and in each one the characters from the cartoon show replace the original characters of the paintings, jumping from one art work to the next.

If you’re passionate about art – maybe even a fan of The Simpsons – and you’re in love with funny collages, check out the Instagram profiles and online shop of Fine Art Simpson:


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Un post condiviso da Fine Art Simpsons (@fine_art_simpsons)

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Translated by Ludovica Sarti

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