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This weeks Top #3 is dedicated to an art form which is slowly making a come-back: poetry.
Poetry, which for a long time has been viewed as difficult and inaccessible, is slowing finding its way back thanks to social media. Through Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram new poets are able to publish their work in various forms, without having to go through publishing houses, allowing them to reach a wider public, crossing lines and boundaries of class, culture and geographical position.

Though some critics view this style of poetry as “non” poetry, or not “real” poetry, there are those who view this style as a modern take on traditional principles. Without digressing into such a discussion, one thing we can agree on is that these new writers have opened a door to poetry which traditional education has failed to do as well as stimulating a wider interest on the subject, especially among the younger generation.

Here are a three young women poets to look out for, who use Instagram as a medium to spread their art:


One of the instapoet trend setters. Her verses are an injection of female empowerment and are of inspiration to many women. Her first book – Milk and Honey – has been translated into 20 languages.



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Abandoned her work as a lawyer to pursue her passion for words by posting her verse on social media. Her first book – Scrolling After Sex – is an insight into love and life of the digital age.



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Marzia Sicignano is young student from Pompei. As with many other instapoets she promoted her work on Instagram which led to the publication of her first book Io, te e il Mare (Mondadori).



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Translated by Ludovica Sarti

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