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Clothes Collection | Top #3 of the week

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Clothes Collection | Beautiful Kimonos entirely made by hand, a collection of “talking” jumpers and a collection of sweaters designed by an artist from Rimini. Today’s Top #3 is about projects in which art, fashion and tailoring meet: the protagonists are Alessandra and Serena of Sambugar – Sartoria Illustrata, Francesa Sarteanesi and Rebecca Ihle of Almeno Nevicasse and Lorenzo Anzini, whose paintings have been selected by the brand NAIS Design for a colourful line of sweatshirts. Here are their stories:



Almeno Nevicasse was created by chance from an idea of the actress Francesca Sarteanesi, and has become, in a very short time, a brand. A collection of “talking” sweaters, always different: unique pieces with an ironic twist, created in collaboration with Rebecca Ihle, seamstress and costume designer who embroiders each of these colourful and unusual garments by hand. Comfortable, warm and outspoken!

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A Kimono for every style: Sàmbugar – Sartoria creates these beautiful oriental inspired garments by hand, and customises the fabrics with illustrations and patterns designed specifically for each model. The creations of Alessandra, seamstress specialising in Costume design for the theatre, and Serena, illustrator and Phd in Visual Arts, can be found on their official website.



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Lorenzo Anzini is an artist from Rimini. He tirelessly dedicates his time to painting but is also a much appreciated tattoo artist known for his truly unmistakable style. Thanks to the collaboration with NAIS DESIGN, some of his canvases can be worn. If you are curious to see his work and all the models available, check out the official website of the brand.


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Translated by Ludovica Sarti

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