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Johannes Stötter | BodyPainting as an art form

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Johannes Stötter is an artist, musician and bodypainter. Born and raised in South Tyrol (Italy), he spent his childhood amidst the picturesque landscape of the Alps immersed in nature, which is a constant inspiration to him.

As a child he discovers his passion for various art forms: he learns to play the violin and starts drawing and painting on canvas, first using acrylics then oil painting. The idea to use the body as a “canvas” comes to him somewhat coincidentally, at the time he didn’t even know this art form (bodypainting) existed. His painting style and bodypainting technique are unique.

In 2009 he joins the International BodyPainting Community, participating in the World BodyPainting Festival in Austria, and from 2011 he starts to win various awards: in 2012 he is World Champion of BodyPainting, in 2011 and 2013 he is the Italian Champion in the art of BodyPainting, and in 2014 he is the winner at the North American BodyPainting Championship in Atlanta, Georgia (USA).

In 2013 he becomes famous with his magnificent creation of the tropical frog, an intricate composition of bodies creating a magnificent piece of art.


Stötter creates true masterpieces using the human body as a canvas, blending his art in natural landscapes to create amazing illusionary effects. The results are magnificent.

If you want to know more about this artist, check out his official website official website, follow him on instagram @johannesstoetter or watch the videos of his creations on his YouTube channel.

Translated by Ludovica Sarti

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